For most children, school is the place they transition to after spending most of their first 4-5 years with their families. School is the place where they learn what the “outside world” is like.

What does school teach children by having them wear uniforms?

Uniforms exist to build a group identity, and to diminish, or destroy, individual identity.  Think about where people are most likely to wear uniforms. The military comes to mind.  Prison comes to mind. The military doesn’t want soldiers to think of themselves as individuals. Prison doesn’t want prisoners to think of themselves as individuals. What do we teach children by trying to take away their individuality by putting them in uniforms?

Schools reward “group think” and compliance, conformity and obedience. Instead of celebrating diversity, schools strive to get all children to act the same, and punish or ostracize those who differ from their “norm”. What lessons are we teaching children, both the ones who “fit in” and the ones who “don’t fit in”?

In my opinion, it’s worth considering that school uniforms have no place in a new world that celebrates individual differences and truly embraces the unique beauty of every child.