Who Are We

Dr. Bob

‘My life’s work is dedicated to Phil Ochs and Oksana Shachko. I hope I can channel some tiny measure of their courage, passion and commitment and in that way keep their spirit alive, and inspire others in the way they inspire me every day.’


Dr. Bob Jacobs was born in New York City and, although he’s an Australian citizen, he still has quite an accent! Dr. Bob started out his career as a basketball coach and high school teacher. He increasingly found his counselling skills with young people were far better than his skills at coaching winning teams and found himself pursuing a career as a clinical psychologist.


Dr. Bob began practising as a therapist in 1981 after many years working in this field he decided to pursue law as a second career. The decision to become a lawyer was motivated by a desire to be an even stronger advocate for young people, and to use the legal system to bring about individual change and change in public policy.


Dr. Bob has been providing psychology and mediation services through The Parenting Centre since 2009. He earned his legal principal’s certificate in order to establish his own law firm, Change Law. Currently, Dr. Bob works as a pro bono solicitor to provide free legal representation for children and young people.


Despite having a very successful career, Dr. Bob’s greatest personal life experience was raising two of his three children as a single parent.  Parenting is Dr. Bob’s personal focus as well as his professional focus.


Dr. Bob is a big sports fan, following mostly American sports (football, baseball, and basketball). He is also an avid scuba diver and his diving has taken him to many amazing places in the world.


Favourite Food – Peaches, New York Bagels, and chocolate jelly rings
Favourite Bev –  Pepsi Max
Favourite Performer – Phil Ochs
Favourite Song – Native Born by Archie Roach
Favourite Colour –  Maroon
Favourite Memory – My son being born 45 minutes before my own birthday



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Bambi – Practice Manager


Bambi is from the North Island of Aotearoa NZ. With a background in the wellness sector, specifically therapeutic massage, Bambi brings her passion for people and her peaceful energy to our practice.

Bambi loves the circus arts, particularly aerial silks and hula hoop. They train most evenings and usually have a performance they are preparing for. When she isn’t training, Bambi can be found relaxing at home by the beach with Graham. 

Our co-practice manager is a sweet old boy called Graham who spends most of his time sleeping, as most cats do. He also enjoys bushwalks and is very interested in interior design. Graham is playful in his older age and likes chasing sticks and feathers, but is often chased by birds.