The Human Spectrum: Changing the World by Celebrating Our Differences


Do you feel different from everyone else? Congratulations…because you are!

We are told that being ‘abnormal’ (being different) is a sign that there is something wrong with us. Our insecurities cause us to struggle to conform, and we feel insulted if someone tells us that we aren’t normal. But maybe it’s a compliment…

The diversity of the human experience is infinite and every one of us contributes just by being unique. Telling people who are different that they’re ‘ill’ is a great means of social control, but it just isn’t true. What IS true, is that we are all perfect manifestations of ourselves, whether we fit into a statistical norm or not. Abnormal DOES NOT equal pathological. Let’s debunk the Myth of ‘Mental Illness’!


About The Book

The Human Spectrum is about celebrating the differences among us and embracing how those differences enhance our lives and make our world richer. The trend to equate abnormal with pathological has resulted in the "mental health" industry where people are diagnosed and often drugged and disempowered with self-limiting beliefs, based on essentially nothing. This book invites readers to suspend what they have been told and taught, and to use their own creative minds to think outside the box.



  1. On the Spectrum
  2. The Big Lie
  3. Reductionism and Psychiatric Power
  4. The Bible of The Big Lie
  5. Drugs and Drug Studies
  6. Why we look at the world this way
  7. Pseudo-science
  8. How this Big Lie is Soul-destroying
  9. A Different Vision of Tomorrow


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