Parenting Workshops

In order to support and give back to our local community, The Parenting Centre runs free parenting workshops across the Sunshine Coast and Northern Brisbane Regions. In addition to the community workshops, Dr. Bob is a popular guest speaker / presenter for organizations desiring individual workshops, or a series of workshops.

Dr. Bob has been described by many as an engaging speaker. Attendees have consistently found these workshops to be meaningful and powerful.

Workshops typically run for 1-2 hours and include a parenting forum / open discussion. The forum gives parents an opportunity to participate in a discussion where they can hear a professional perspective.

Our most popular workshops include:

  1. Understanding children’s behaviour
  2. Eliminating power struggles and parenting without conflict
  3. Developing real self esteem
  4. The two greatest secrets of parenting
  5. Why traditional parenting is Domestic Violence
  6. Parenting adolescents
  7. The myth of mental illness
  8. Advocating for your child’s education
  9. Being a single parent
  10. Assisting children through parental separation
  11. Post separation parenting
  12. How traditional education violates children’s basic human rights
  13. Learned Helplessness:  Why traditional parenting creates unhappy adults
  14. How Schools Can Really Stop Bullying

For a complete list of workshop topics, please click here.

Professional Supervision

Dr. Bob has over 25 years of experience providing clinical supervision. He is a faculty member at three universities and has been teaching graduate and undergraduate students in psychology for 14 years.  Dr. Bob has provided clinical supervision to dozens of individual psychology students through the years, including a stint as a clinical supervisor in the masters program at the University of the Sunshine Coast.  PLEASE NOTE:  Dr. Bob is NOT an approved supervisor for AHPRA.


 To organize individual supervision sessions with Dr. Bob, please contact The Parenting Centre on 07 5435 2504 or via e-mail at

Professional Training Workshops


Dr. Bob has presented professional training workshops in several countries, and they have been powerful and often career-changing experiences for attendees. The intended audience is psychologists, counselors, social workers, teachers, lawyers, judges and mediators.

Dr. Bob is available to provide full or half day workshops on The Parenting Centre Model and on Alternatives to Family Law Court.

Feedback from attendees at Dr. Bob’s professional workshops includes:

  • “Let me say, it was most enjoyable and I am still processing the overarching philosophy behind it. Dr Bob is a wonderful speaker and I found it one of the most enthralling learning opportunities I have been to for some time. I particularly liked the case studies or just plain stories that he shared.”
  • “A great framework… gives direction from assessment to closure.”
  • “This training was engaging, informative and delivered at a good pace.”
  • “A new understanding of child behaviour and the motivation for behaviours.”
  • “Awesomeness.”
  • “Inspiration; excited to implement the ideas.”
  • “A renewed passion.”


For detailed information on each of these workshops, please click for The Parenting Centre Model Workshop or click for Alternative to Family Law Court Workshop

For more information on professional training workshops, please contact The Parenting Centre at 07 5435 2504 or via e-mail at