Having raised two children as a single father, and being a solicitor and family mediator as well as a psychologist, Dr. Bob has a unique insight into the issues of separation and how they affect children. He works with parents who are considering separation, going through separation, or are dealing with post-separation co-parenting.

Post Separation Counselling

The end of a relationship can be emotionally devastating, regardless of which partner initiated it. The emotional trauma is multiplied when there are children involved. Our court system creates additional trauma and conflict for parents, when what they need is support and an opportunity to heal. Dr. Bob works with parents post separation to deal with their own feelings about the end of the relationship and to help them feel optimistic and unafraid about the future.

Parenting Plans


Parents are able to write their own parenting plan. Once both parties have agreed on the terms and sign the document it becomes an official parenting plan.

A parenting plan is a legally relevant document, but it is NOT a court order and cannot be enforced by a court or by the police. It is legally relevant in two ways: If there is a subsequent court case, the parenting plan can be submitted as evidence. Also, a new parenting plan supersedes an existing court order.

Although no specific format is required for a parenting plan, parents are welcome to use the template used by The Parenting Centre which is available here.

Dr. Bob is available to assist parents, individually or together in developing a parenting plan.


Property Agreement


Money, time and conflict can be saved if parties can agree on how to distribute property upon separation. Parties can prepare their own agreement in regard to their joint asset pool, and how the assets will be divided / split. 

The parties can use the information on this template as the basis for an application to the Court for consent orders. Parties are welcome to use the template used by The Parenting Centre which is available here. 

Dr. Bob is available to assist parties in agreeing on a property agreement. 


Conflict Resolution


Unfortunately, separated parents often do not agree on what is in the best interests of their child or children. Parents who are unable to reach an agreement on a parenting plan can seek mediation through organizations such as Family Relationship Centres and Relationship Australia. Alternatively they can seek “Advisory Mediation” at The Parenting Centre.