September, 2002

qldchildrenatrisk shadowThis report was written for the Youth Affairs Network of Queensland out of a desire to protect children. It was written to advocate for the right of children to grow up with healthy bodies and clear minds. It was written as a plea to celebrate the diversity of children and to view their unique expressions as precious gifts, rather than describing them as “sick” when they don’t conform, obey or please adults.

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By Dr. Bob Jacobs. Reprinted from Article 13: Law and Policy Journal of the National Children's and Youth Law Centre (Australia). September 2002, p. 6-7.

Tens of thousands of children and toddlers are given highly dangerous cocaine-like drugs for a condition that may very well not exist. It almost sounds like a bad horror movie script. Yet incredibly, that is exactly what is happening today in Australia under the guise of "treatment" for "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder".

By Bob Jacobs, Psy. D. and the Youth Affairs Network of Queensland

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There is tremendous controversy around the issue of "ADHD", with lots of passion on all sides. Almost everyone with enough of an interest in "ADHD" to write or research on the subject has a strong point of view. For parents and others trying to read as much as possible and find what feels like the truth for them it is very important to read things with "healthy skepticism" using critical thinking. Don't accept things as fact just because someone states it strongly or because they have titles and degrees after their name. Use your own common sense, experience and intelligence in analysing what is being said, and especially what it really means.

By Dr. Bob Jacobs, August-September, 2002

There are plain and simple facts about the ADHD controversy that are based on common sense: