Our society has “gone crazy” in labelling normal children

The Parenting Centreas having a “mental disorder” simply because they don’t “fit in” and they aren’t “obedient”. We use these labels as a justification to chemically restrain their behaviour through the use of dangerous drugs. Dr. Jacobs has spoken out for many years about the fraud of “ADHD” and other childhood “disorders”.

Below you will find articles by Dr. Jacobs and others about the way psychiatry hurts children and how we can move instead to a society where we celebrate behavioural diversity the same way we try to celebrate all forms of diversity.  Children are all different, and that is a cause for joy, not concern!

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Articles by Dr Bob

A Critical Response to the ACA segment

ADHD Perspective Piece

Australian Children at Risk

Queensland Children at Risk: The Overdiagnosis of 'ADHD' and the Overuse of Stimulant Medication


Articles by Others

ADHD and the Meaning of Evidence

ADHD child prescribing rates increase sharply

Benefit of Ritalin Questioned by Researchers

Long Term Data Review - Little Benefit from Stimulant Medication

The Diagnosing and Drugging “ADHD” Children—An American Tragedy